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Founded in 2008, ROC-Michigan is dedicated to winning improved working conditions and opportunities for more than 160,000 restaurant workers in Southeast Michigan, many of whom work for low pay with little to no benefits.

Our members and leaders come from every part of the world and from every part of the industry... from dishwashers to servers, from fast food to fine dining. We believe that good jobs with family-sustaining wages benefit workers, employers, and consumers. 

We all have a stake in improving opportunities for those who work for our nation's largest private employer - The Restaurant Industry!

According to the Michigan Restaurant Association, there are nearly 16,000 eating and drinking establishments in Michigan that employ more than 420,000 restaurant and other food service workers in Michigan.  The Metropolitan Detroit area is home to over 160,000 of these workers.  With the surge of new restaurants in this area the number of restaurant workers will continue to grow.  

We know with certainty that there are some restaurant owners that are great employers who pay their workers fairly and treat them with dignity and respect.   Unfortunately, fair wages are not the industry standard and women and people of color are disproportionately relegated to the lowest paying jobs in the industry.  

ROC recognizes that the changes needed in the restaurant industry, to create social and economic justice for all, will require the dedication and hard work of many – owners, workers, and consumers.   This fight for a family sustaining wage (One Fair Wage), decent benefit packages - such as Earned Paid Sick Time, safe working conditions, and dignity and respect in the workplace, must be led by restaurant workers. 

Effective leaders demonstrate the following traits and skills: Courage, Confidence, Dedication, Passion that inspires others to action, Focus, and most of the skills to:  a.) properly dissect an issue, b.) develop strategies to address the issue, c.) determine the most appropriate course of action, and d.) and take direct action.  The ROC-MI Leadership Development Institute is fully committed to teaching restaurant workers the skills necessary to become effective leaders.

Becoming a ROC Leader...

The first step to being a ROC Leader is to become an active, dues paying ROC-MI Member.

Members participate in and lead ROC-MI’s work in multiple ways:

  1. They participate and lead local worker committees, such as Policy, Communication, Membership, Leadership Development and the newly formed Women’s Committee.
  2. They can participate in ROC’s two-tiered Leadership Institute, to develop their leadership skills, and actually engage in ROC projects that help them practice those skills.
  3. They can be elected to serve on a local Leadership Board. Every ROC affiliate has a local Leadership Board comprised of restaurant workers who guide the local affiliate’s work.
  4. They can be elected to represent a local affiliate to ROC’s National Leadership Network (NLN) and also to represent the NLN National Board of Directors. Five (5) restaurant workers serve on ROC’s National Board of Directors; a majority of other Board members are former restaurant workers.
The second step is to enroll in the 2016-2017 ROC-MI Leadership Development Institute.

We will commence the 2017 Leadership Development Institute Cohort with a Leadership Retreat in November 2017.  Complete the following Leadership Interest Form and take a look at these videos showing past ROC-MI Restaurant Worker Leaders:
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