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Founded in June 2008 and based in Detroit, the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan (ROC-MI), is an affiliate of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United. Our mission is to improve working conditions and opportunities for advancement of Michigan restaurant workers.

ROC-MI uses a unique, tri-pronged model to achieve systems-change that includes: (1) workplace justice campaigns to move restaurant companies that take the low-road to profitability; (2) promoting the high-road to profitability through partnerships with responsible employers and workforce development programs that move low-income workers into living wage jobs; and (3) participatory research and policy work that lift standards industry-wide.

We have over 1,700 low-wage restaurant worker members, with the majority of our low-income membership base living in Detroit.  ROC-MI operates COLORS Detroit Restaurant (a non-profit social enterprise) which houses the Colors Hospitality Opportunities for Workers (CHOW) Institute and the Colors Co-Op Academy.  ROC-MI also convenes the local tables for Restaurants Advancing Industry Standards of Employment (RAISE) and Diners United (a group of ethical diners).
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Current Workplace Justice Campaigns:


At just $2.13 per hour at the federal level, the sub-minimum wage system leaves tipped workers — largely women and people of color — disproportionately impacted by financial insecurity, sexual harassment, and discrimination.

The movement for One Fair Wage seeks to eliminate this unjust, two-tiered wage system, and establish a fair, living wage for all workers.

1 Fair Wage for
ALL Restaurant Workers...


The Earned Sick Time Act is a bill to provide workers with the right to earn sick time for personal or family health needs, as well as purposes related to domestic violence and sexual assault and school meetings needed as the result of a child’s disability, health, or issues due to domestic violence and sexual assault; to specify the conditions for accruing and using earned sick time; to prohibit retaliation against an employee for requesting, exercising, or enforcing rights granted in this act; to prescribe powers and duties of certain state departments, agencies, and officers; to provide for promulgation of rules; and to provide remedies and sanctions.

The proposal would allow people to earn one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked. Workers could earn up to nine days of paid sick time, depending on the size of the business.

Join Us in our Battle to receive Earned Paid Sick Time...

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"Paints a grim picture of the food business today: Millions of service industry employees live in poverty, most big restaurants are not great employers, and many still pay servers $2.13 an hour, the federal minimum for workers who receive tips. But the book also makes the case that restaurants can survive and even prosper while paying workers well and offering them generous benefits."
"Well researched. Jayaraman investigates the employment practices of a wide range of restaurants, from fine dining establishments to fast-food chains; the issue that riles her most is the federal minimum wage for tipped workers."

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"For all its talk of organic foods and sustainability, the restaurant industry pays little mind to the health and welfare of its own low-wage employees. In this persuasive volume, Jayaraman draws attention to servers, bussers, runners, cooks, and dishwashers across the country 'struggling to support themselves and their families under the shockingly exploitative conditions that exist behind most restaurant kitchen doors.' . . . Jayaraman champions employee causes and argues fervently against discrimination, giving restaurant owners, diners, and readers considerable food for thought."

Publishers Weekly - (11 February 2013)
"The author reveals . . . [how] many restaurants steal workers' wages and tips, and put white workers in the best jobs out front while assigning those of color to the worst kitchen work. Women are harassed and not promoted. Few food workers have insurance or even sick leave, which is a problem not just for the workers; patrons also suffer when ill workers prepare and serve meals. . . . This book will leave readers angry at the injustices detailed within, queasy about eating out, and much better tippers."

Library Journal - (15 February 2013)
"With Behind the Kitchen Door, Saru Jayaraman has introduced a fresh and essential perspective on our culture's food obsessions and dining habits.  By highlighting the lives and circumstances of workers who are often unseen and unheard, she has helped us see that labor is a key ingredient of authentic sustainability, and greatly enriched our understanding of those people who have―whether we have recognized it or not―been part of some of the most important celebrations of our lives."

Danny Glover - Actor, Producer, and Co-Founder of Louverture Films

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